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Our Work Flow


Movie Casting Calls & Auditions

Movie characters have to be truthful in the given context of the story. Every movie situation needs to be interesting to watch and engaging for the audience. That's why the casting is a very important process in the production of the movie. We have just one aim: the artist we choose, it is the right one for the required role without any exception!


Screenplays and Scripts

You tell us your idea and we'll create the story! We will succeed to envision your thoughts exactly as they are or even better! In order to write a good script, writing skills are very important and needed. With all of this, one of the most important assets is your words and requests to be listened to and balanced on the other side with at least same amount of imagination...And we have that!


Pre Production Preparation

Once the script is done and the cast is chosen, preproduction preparations can start: locations searching, obtaining filming authorizations, booking the professional crew and required equipment for the selected dates, looking for costumes, props and all the elements in order to create the movie environment, providing the full support during the actors rehearsals, arranging the catering and transport services of all the crew & cast during the filming...In conclusion, we take care of everything that's necessary in order to be prepared for the first: ACTION!


new movie first clap

From the first ``Action!`` until ``It's a wrap!``, the success of your project becomes our mission! We do not consider one film project more important than the other! All are the same, because all need the same attention, commitment, amount of energy and passion invested! We do it this way because we love it!

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