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Reviews - Actors

“Working with Cosmin, his style is that of great intimacy, he is there along side the characters, feeling what they feel, seeing through their eyes and listening with their ears, it’s like he plugs into each and every character, is he a perfectionist? I’m afraid he is, it’s a great thing, as an actor I found he was with me the whole time, being attentive and responsive to my characters every move. Pressure, concatenated pressure makes a diamonds, I’m pretty certain this is his ideology when on set looking to get the most out of his characters and the scene.” – Monjinder S.


Cosmin is a very talented and demanding director. Always prepared, always focused, always dedicated. He search for the best qualities in actors and he digs deeply. Average is not good for him. You must give your 100%. Working with him was an amazing adventure and a great possibility to grow. I wish every director was as inspiring to his actors as he is to me. Together, we created magic. And magic is when there is no real person on the set, only characters. Thank you Cosmin Zaharia for this opportunity and I hope that we will create magic again.” – Natasza L.


“Summer 2019 I was fortunate to have worked on this project as assistant director for the London shoot and in this movie as the savoury character Marco, all of which was a treat and a half. Much hard work and dedication went into this project by all involved, it’s a totally awesome plot and in all a brilliant piece of work. 👑👑👑
Thank you Cosmin, you’re a diamond!” – Monjinder S.


“I really respect the drive and determination Cosmin Zaharia has put into this, along with the sacrifices and sleepless weeks required to complete a project of this magnitude.

I didn’t understand exactly what the purpose of the film was in the beginning, but after working with his team and seeing the trailer, I get it now.

Gritty, real freedom.” – Marco G.


“Working with Cosmin on The Music Island was a great learning experience for me as Cosmin’s passion and dedication in getting across utmost authenticity really rubbed off on me. The production itself featured such a lovely international bunch of people in both cast and crew, and I have made friends for life through being a part of this project. My personal highlight would be shooting Tommy’s farewell scene which gives such an awesome insight into London’s underground world of street racers.” – Faraz M. K. 


“Working with Cosmin as a director and actor, with whom I shared my scene as Teresa, has been such a deep process of constantly moving emotions, becoming aware of the character, intentions, relationships and also made me ask loads of questions about the career in both sides of the camera. I enjoyed so much playing Teresa in both languages, English and Spanish. And just for you to know, this was filmed in Ibiza, babies! So fingers crossed and congrats once more for THA team! Yey!!!” – Maria Luz T.


“Working with Cosmin was a really good experience. Even from our first meeting he was really professional and knew exactly what he wanted. On the set, he was extremely focused on his work and respectful with his colleagues, paying attention to every detail. Really happy with this collaboration.” – Eleni P.

Reviews - Business Clients

“It was a great pleasure to work with Cosmin and his team. He is motivated and convinced of what he is doing, and he does not overlook any detail until he himself is satisfied. Communication was smooth and reliable and all agreements were kept perfectly. I recommend Cosmin and his way of working without any reservation.”  – Werner K.


“I would like to thank you that you’ve been so kind and responsive to this project. Due to your creativity and professionalism, your management and production team, I reached my goals. I loved it! In two words: You’re awesome!” – Nelu S.


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