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My name is Marco!

After a very long search The Music Island has found Marco!

”Always secretly wanting to become an actor from as early as I can remember, I started to dabble I classes at the age of 36 and becoming more and more intrigued in the act of dramatics, with day jobs and life constantly hindering me to progress with my childhood passion, 2013 I finally bit the bullet and travelled to Vancouver Canada to study my craft full time, training under Peter Hanalon at New Image college of fine arts. I started booking indi jobs while still at school going further to finding myself an agent (Kathy Carpenter Talent) and booking my first big gig in Night at the Museum 3, now I had a real taste of what it was like to be on the set of a big budget production,, by now I’m totally hooked !!! And so my resume started a further booking on “Air” by Air productions and several more on the indi scene. I’m currently doing various workshops with Michael Keogh at Aspire actors group Birmingham and Manchester. The journey is still in its early days as I hone my craft and delve deeper I to the human actions and reactions we call acting.”  – says MONJINDER SINGH SANGHA

Welcome Monjinder! … Welcome Marco!  😉



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