17th of August, AN HISTORICAL DAY! 

17th of August, A WORLD RECORD DAY!

Marco broke the world record: 76.1mph headstand! 💣💣💣💣

Marco George, the stuntbiker that played in a crazy stunt scene in THE MUSIC ISLAND wrote history YESTERDAY. 

He states:

“Man, this has been one of the best days I have ever had! I’ve got the record 🙌🏻🏍💨 76.1mph headstand! 
I can’t believe how many people have sent me messages! thank you so much, it was awesome to have you all backing me👍🏼 I will put the GoPro footage up when I’m home. 
Thanks to my main sponsors, me dad and Zoe Scott😂👊🏼 and to Sophie George for helping me get the bike through the safety checks. 
Stunt Asylum Lee Rogers Jason Aldridge for helping me practice this for the last how ever many months! 
It was just an awesome day and I’m so so happy, and grateful to Trevor Duckworth and Straightliners for letting me have a go at this with WORLD WHEELIE RECORDS🤙🏼 I’ll be back for sure. 
I had a good team up here with me today: Graham Houston Laura Mclean Houston Jonny Davies Trev Davies Donna Davies Beth Davies Paul Fishwick for coming down and helping me get all the forms and footage and just being amazing support. 
I will never forget this day hahaha 76.1 SEND IT !! hahahaha”

Marco, since you got on board, I could see that you are a brave, strong, reliable, ambitious, determined, a star powder guy that will achieve and reach his goals in spite of all difficulties! The common thing that brought us altogether to collaborate for THE MUSIC ISLAND.

You@pauljennings_stunts@zoe.scott.948 and @ravinosullivan and a beautiful group of stunt drivers we created one more memorable scene where all of you will shine once more! WELL DONE @stunt.259 !!!

Big congratulations for BREAKING THE WORLD RECORD on behalf of THE MUSIC ISLAND!! ❤

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