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The story of The Music Island

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

Let me tell you how I made my first feature film.


It was April 2017. After I broke up with my girlfriend, I decided to take a long holiday. So, this is what I’ve done. One month later, I packed my stuff and I bought my ticket to Ibiza. I’ve had no idea what I was going to do. I just needed my free time away from everything.  Arrived there, I got in loved with the beauty of the island and I wanted to stay longer. My decision pushed me to search for a summer job. One week later I got a job as a promoter. The people there were so nice. My colleagues were from all over the world. I got charmed by their happiness and their positive energy. We created our own bubble, away from everyday problems. I can’t say that it was an easy job, but the fact that I was free, made me the happiest person on Earth. I was working 6 days per week and I was exploring the island in my free days. It was love at first sight. I experienced so many things that I couldn’t keep them only for myself. And this was the point when I started writing the script.

The script

I started writing during my free time. I was going with my laptop to the beach every time I didn’t go to work. Later on, I was writing whenever I had the chance. The summer passed very quickly and my script wasn’t finished. I had to leave Ibiza because the summer season was over. I went back to London and continued to write. I finished my script in May 2018.


Next summer season, I returned to Ibiza and I searched for filming locations. I took again the same job, but this time I was working less hours. All my attention was focused on the film.  I’ve started rehearsing the scenes in June and I filmed the first two of them in August. At the end of the summer season I returned to London and I planned the fiming for the next year.

2019 was a very busy year for The Music Island production team. First filming dates were set for February, in Bucharest. We filmed 10 days in a row. It was a very serious process who consumed all my time and energy. It wasn’t space to recover. I needed to take care about the next filming session scheduled for June-July. That period we filmed the most difficult scenes of the movie. Filming in London pushed everyone to the limits, but we made it.

I was very happy that everything went well. At the same time, I was terribly tired and stresseed for the last filming session.  We needed to film in three countries: Bulgaria, Ibiza and Romania. Everything went smooth there too. At the end of September I shouted: “It’s a wrap!”.

Post production

The process started in October and ended up in July 2020.  At the end of July we signed for distribution. I am very proud to show you trailer of my first feature film here:


It doesn’t matter how difficult it is. Just keep going!

I always encourage the people who dream. The power is only in their hands. If they want something for real, they achieve it sooner or later. The talent includes the power to sacrifice. That makes the difference.

 Be strong, determined, focused and you will succeed!

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