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Why do I need an expert video commercial company for my commercials?

I give you an example.

Video devices are very accessible nowadays. That’s the reason why little businesses are tempted to do their own promotional videos. They often ask to their employees to take care of commercial video advertising, in order to save money. They do not contact a professional video commercial maker.

That’s not the way to do it!

And I am going to tell you why.

First of all, behind every video commercial production there is an original idea. Video commercial ideas have to sum up the main points of the advert: target audience , message, product, characteristics, mood, concept, etc.

Let’s say you have the idea!

But how do you bring it to reality in order to convey the message?

It might seem simple, but it’s not really like that. Maybe you’ve tried in the past to take a photo. It could happen to be a great photo, but it could happen to not be able to look at it.

In commercial video advertising the things are slightly different. If you advertise yourself with a bad image, it might damage your reputation. Sometimes you watch a video commercial that really annoys you. Other times you watch a video commercial over and over again and you don’t get bored. That kind of commercial you should aim for.

Your viewer becomes your promoter if you achieved that!

So, what do  I want you to understand?

Behind an idea there is a script. Behind a script there is an action. Behind the action there is an objective. Behind the objective there are several ways to achieve it.

And you need to choose the right one!

How do you know which is the right one”?

Let the professional video commercial maker decide. Let the screenwriter take care of commercial’s script. Let the director of photography take care about image. Let the sound guy take care about sound recording. Let the director take care about vision. Let the composer take care about music.

What is there left to do for you?

Think precisely about: the commercial’s message, the target audience and your vision (if you have one). Make clear your point to the video commercial company.

 That’s it!

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