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Is video commercial a must-have for a business?

Let’s imagine a situation:

You are looking for a service or a product. There are two shops in front of you.  Both of them sell the same product with the same price but:

  1. One is advertised through a photo.
  2. The other one is advertised through a video.

Which one makes you open the door and enter the shop? Which advert is more engaging? Which one provides you more information about the service or product before you enter? Which one makes you more curious?

Let’s make a comparison between an image and a video.

1. Image

The coloured image is interesting but static. That means all the information is included in this single image. If you need more information, you need to look at another image.

2. Video

A video is a collection of images. If an image gives you one information, then a video gives you… It’s mathematics.

A video is dynamic. That’s why a video gets your attention much faster.  It’s engaging.

Did you have a thought why big companies use TV commercials in order to advertise their brand? It’s easy! They need to say as much as possible in a very short time.

Imagine if they use a single image instead of a video. How much information can they offer about their brand? Video information is perceived much easier.

3. Conclusion

I do not say it’s a bad strategy to advertise your product using pictures. What I say it’s that video is more effcient, engaging and delivers much more information than a photo.

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