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Interview on TVR International and TVR 3

The Music Island’s story goes on.

Recently, I’ve been invited by Sandrino Gavriloaia for an interview on the famous talk show “The Second Romania” ( “A Doua Romanie”), to share my experience about The Music Island. The interview questions were very straight to the point and well thought targetting essential matters.

The interview has been on TVR International program on the 24th of June at 9pm, but can be also watched today, 26th of June on TVR 3 at 3:30pm.

Until now, the journey of The Music Island was a smooth one. The movie production has earned 5 prizes and has been selected to a significant number of international movie festivals all over the world. Soon the film will be distributed worldwide, the first country being Poland.

I would like to thank Sandrino Gavriloaia and Corina Dobre for the invitation and amazing experience!

Watch the interview below:

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