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Hai la Munte Bran – First Video Commercial Project in 2022

First “Action!” in 2022 was shouted for the Hai la Munte Bran video commercial project.

Having arrived in the morning at the filming location in Bran, we were eager to start filming as soon as possible. All the team members knew already what has to be done after long previous discussions based on the whole production process.

The filming kit was unpacked and our focus moved to the filming set preparation. We needed to age a whole room and make it look derelict. The whole thing has taken us few hours.

Once everything was set up, we started filming the first scene and we haven’t stopped until the evening. Even if we were discussing to take a lunch break, no one wanted so, until we managed to film all the planned scenes.

The day went smooth. The host’s cooperation was excellent. He provided everything that was needed.

In the evening we shouted “It’s a wrap!”. The host invited all the crew to Bran Parc Restaurant where the regular dinner transformed into a real feast because of host’s gratitude. The organic food was extremely tasty and the ambiance was exceptional.

It was a perfect and creative filming day at Hai la Munte Bran.

Welcome, 2022!

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