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Depicting human’s weakest and darkest behaviors into strongly immersive and unpredictable sonic and emotional experiences. Timeless tales, where the past and the present envision our sad future into dystopian cyberpunk stories, awakening complex and melancholic feelings, in a time where nothing is simple. Kosinski’s world is an open eye on our world’s intellectual and spiritual devolution, that led us to that critical point of our existence.

Kid of the Berlin Wall fall, Michal “Kosinki” was born and emigrated from Poland to Belgium in 89. After his art studies, he decides to take a closer look into music, and started an audio engineering class where he learned all the technical aspects of this art. Nowadays, Michal is slowly defining his own signature taking roots from countless electronic, or acoustic genres, resulting a Deep Melodic and Emotional Techno driven by strong but soulful melodies, synths and sounds, combining synthetic to organic, classic to ethnic, analog to digital…
After years of self-development into complete anonymity, Michal started to put his work together into eclectic and progressive live performances, seeking for a complete freedom of interpretation that DJ’ing doesn’t allow. His very first recorded live performance dropped him into the finals of Extrema Outdoor’s Live act contest. Since then, he’s experimenting his first local and International bookings, and within a year became Deep House Belgium’s most wanted artist for 2018, played in some major festivals, events and clubs, across, Belgium, Europe, and Asia, improving and developing his lives after each performance. His love for evolving and story-telling music, made him enter into the movie scoring world, writing a complete soundtrack for the indie drama/thriller “The Music Island”.

Angela was a very creative kid, she began to deepen this creative side, studying at an art school for an early age and then studied Design at the University of Art from Cluj Napoca. Her passion for makeup came to life when she was working as a photographer. She followed a makeup course and got employed by MAC Cosmetics, where she had the chance to do makeup backstage at events like MadWalk Fashion Show Atena, the Mamma Mia musical and the UAD Gala. Over recent years she collaborated with TIFF Romania for the “10 for Film” short films and the Closing Gala, as well as other events within the festival. In the meantime, she was makeup trainer with Loredana Lupea for beginners and advanced at Dallesgo. After TIFF followed a collaboration with director Cristian Pascariu for the short film called Alazia. She worked for two feature films, the first one was with director Marcel Dorian for Introspectum Motel, in which she also played a small role. The last feature film colaboration was with the director Cosmin Zaharia for The music Island. Music video: Aik J ft JyellowL The Beauty editorials done: Laud Magazine (Australia) Factice Magazine (France) Beau Monde (România)

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