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"You've always been running away. There were always others who were more important than me!"

- Alex's Father

"In this life, you do not have the right to judge anyone, because you can never take someone else's place, you can never tell what's going on inside another person's heart!"

- Alex's Father


Alex's Father

I was born in Braila on 7th of July, 1955. I happily spent my childhood and my teenage years in my home town. Thinking of my future, I had to choose between sport, ballet, music and theater. In 1981, I’ve graduated Theatre Institute in Targu Mures and finally became an actor and drummer. I spent all my adult life in Transylvania collaborating with many theaters such as North Theatre (Satu Mare), National Theatre (Targu Mures), National Theatre Radu Stanca (Sibiu), Andrei Mureşanu Theatre (Sf. Gheorghe), Municipal Theatre (Baia Mare), etc. My most notable prizes are UNITER AWARD for the best lead actor  in “A Hell of a Mess” by Eugen Ionesco, directed by Silviu Purcarete; UNITER AWARD for the best lead actor in Superman, Spiderman or Batman directed by Tudor Giurgiu; STEFAN BRABORESCU AWARD for Don Juan in Soho directed by Andrei Serban. Currently, I’m an actor at the National Theatre in Cluj Napoca where I’ve met my friend Cosmin Zaharia and I’ve started working on The Music Island…  And here I am!

"Money makes and breaks the rules, and the ones who have most of it get that sort of power. And then, whoever gets in their way, no matter how noble they are or whatever high values they might have, they get struck down and no one else can do anything about it. "

- Alexandru

"I am wondering which is your lucky star?..."

- Alexandru

Cosmin P. Zaharia


I just finished my first feature film, “The Music Island”. I am Cosmin Zaharia, writer, producer, director and the leading actor of this movie. “The Music Island” was filmed in four countries – Spain, UK, Romania and Bulgaria – and I’m now ready to participate with it at some of the most prominent film festivals around the world.

In June 2010, I graduated the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, with a major in Acting. As a student, I played various roles in various plays with Masca Theatre company in Bucharest, both in the capital and around the country. At graduation, I decided to further develop myself as an actor and enrolled for a Master’s program at East 15 Acting School of London. This gave me the opportunity to perform in few theater productions in London, including one in the famous Shakespeare’s Globe.

The next step in my career development was Bernard Hiller’s Acting & Success Studio, the premier choice for Acting and Business Success in Los Angeles. Following shortly was my attendance to the British Action Academy, founded by Andreas Petrides, one of the UK’s leading JISC Registered Action Directors, Stunt Co-ordinators, Fight Arrangers and Stunt Performers.

Stand-up comedy was another field I used to explore as an actor, while living in London. In order to widen my acting opportunities, I enrolled to attend Logan Murray’s Comedy Course, Stand Up & Deliver, that opened me new acting opportunities in locations like The Comedy Store, the premier stand-up comedy venue in London.

Soon after that, I auditioned for a string of roles in international films and broke into the world of cinema. Acting in movies became instantly the hot spot where I wanted to be and advance my acting career. Soon enough I returned home from the set imagining myself behind the camera and directing my own movies. I 2017 I directed my first short movie, followed by another short, a year later. They both prepared me to launch myself into the final quest: my first feature-length movie. “The Music Island”, my precious baby would get born in the early days of summer 2020, turning me into the proud director I am today.

"You know why we’re playing dress-up? I wanted to try something else, to be different for a few hours, both of us. See what it feels like to have some money for a change."

- Clara

"It is not true! We can change this world starting with ourselves. I just can’t understand why there has to be so much hate between people?"

- Clara

Natasza Lèsniak


Actress/Dancer/Choreographer, a dedicated artist, with a broad experience. During her preparation process, she attends a long list of various workshops and courses: Training Actor extramural exam ZASP (2017); Acting Technique Course with Simon Furness – Meisner Technique (2014 – 2016); Acting Technique Class with Gary Condes – Meisner Technique (2014)Acting Technique Course with Piotr Furman ( 2017 – 2018); Acting Technique Course in Witkacy Theater at Zakopane ( 2010 – 2015). Workshops, together with actors from Actors Temple Studio (for a period of 3 years).  Her theatre experience includes roles in several plays: “Na niby, na prawdę”, directed by Andrzej Dziuk; “Tuum Est”, directed by Andrzej Dziuk;” I was chased by a veil…”,  directed by Anita Podkowa; “La Loba”, directed by Anita Podkowa; “Short story of the torn dress”, directed by Anita Podkowa; “In Limbo”, directed by Anita Podkowa; “Bodo The Musical”, directed by Dariusz Taraszkiewicz etc. Natasza is also co-founder of the new Teatr Rozrywki in Zakopane, RZT Szymaszkowa, playing in three different plays, under the direction of Hanna Zbyryt: “Wanted”, “Zośka”, “The story of the Red Riding Hood told a little differently”. She plays in a considerable number of commercials including famous brands: Mercedes Benz ,L’Oréal, Brita, Persil, IKEA, Selgros, Nestle, PKP, Wawel, Almette, H. Samuel. Her experience includes also roles in TV Series (“Leśniczówka“, dir. Maciej Żak; “Ojciec Mateusz”, dir. Filip Zylber; “Barwy szczęścia”, dir. Krzysztof Rogala) and film (“Thanatos”, dir. Max Sturgeon; “Gra w butelkę”, dir. Lech Sawicki; “Planeta Singli”, dir. Sam Akina).

"No one pulls a fuckin’ piece on me. No one!"

- Marco

"Once she knew my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she waited like a fucking predator, ready to jump into my father’s bed."

- Marco



Always secretly wanting to become an actor from as early as I can remember and not even a glimmer of self esteem I started to dabble in my first acting classes at the age of 36, becoming more and more intrigued in the act of dramatics. Day jobs and life constantly hindering me to progress with my childhood passion, 2013 I finally bit the bullet and travel to Vancouver Canada to study my craft full time, training under Peter Hanalon at New Image college of fine arts. I started booking indie jobs while still at school going further to finding myself an agent (Kathy Carpenter Talent) and booking my first big gig in “Night at the Museum 3”, my first real taste of what it was like to be on the seat of a big budget production, now I’m totally hooked !!! And so my resume started a further booking on “Air” by Air productions and several more on the indie scene. I’m currently doing various workshops, to be always learning is the ticket I find. My journey is still in its early days as I hone my craft and delve deeper into the human actions and reactions we call acting.

"Like this! For some reason I like when you smile because it makes me smile too..."

- Carla

" Shhhhhh.... No ruleessss... You forgot?... Freedom..."

- Carla



Tatyana starts her acting career at German theatre under the guidance of Maria Warkentin. She decides to study acting further, by taking classes from Yuri Dormidontov, in Saint Petersburg. Later on Tatyana moves to London and starts her movie career starring alongside Saif Ali Khan and Shriya Saran. Soon after, she is shortlisted for the role of Carla in the independent production The Music Island, directed by Cosmin Zaharia.

"OK Mr. Know-it-all, you know what? I got enough of you, enough of this job, this life, , your superiority..."

- Virna

"You do last, eh? You’re a tough guy, eh? Look, I’m just not feeling it…"

- Virna



Maya Moes is a Luxembourgish/ Portuguese born actress based both in London and Luxembourg. She trained at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in Soho, London where she specialised in Movement Psychology. She’s been working in the industry as a professional for over five years now. Having worked on feature films such as Toy Gun by Marco Serafini, short films such as ON IN 15 by Joe Archer which has received multiple awards, tv-shows such as Room To Rent by Marco Serafini, and numerous theatre productions both in London and Luxembourg. Her most recent project was the short film ‘The Man In The Suit’ written and directed by J.P. Gifford where she starred alongside Harry Duff Walker.

"Is it written gullible on my forehead?"

- Vangelis

"I do not want you to end up like those thugs from the neighborhood!"

- Vangelis



Rodrig Andrisan was born on October 7, 1958, in Bucharest, Romania. Debut as Actor in 2010, in London, United Kingdom. He is also a writer and journalist, having over 1,000 articles published in various newspapers and magazines and 2 books published : “Giants of Rock Music” (1991) and “The Unnamed Puppy”(1996). Between 1991 and 2007, thousands of movies translated from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, into Romanian, live at the Romanian Film Archive and various film festivals (Dakino, European Film Festival) and, with script, at several TV networks. Rodrig Andrisan has many films under his belt (Feature Films, Shorts, Music Videos, Commercials), in which he appeared as an Actor, portraying very different characters, thanks to his natural look “all ethnicities”. He has performed various roles, very versatile, in over 200 films.

"It's better to live one day as a lion than one hundred years as a sheep!"

- Tommy

"Who's gonna be next, huh? Is it gonna be me or is it gonna be you?"

- Tommy



Faraz M. Khan is an actor, musician and scriptwriter from East London, often performing under the moniker ‘Fizzle’. Having grown up in the heart of the East End of the city, Faraz brings to The Music Island a welcomed brashness in his portrayal of Tommy. Upon finishing university Faraz qualified as a pharmacist (or a legal drug dealer as he prefers to call it), soon after which he jumped ship and experienced a handful of career changes before finally listening to his gut instinct and deciding to really go after what he’s passionate about most – the arts. Over the past 3 years he has studied acting at the Identity School of Acting and Kingdom Drama School, whilst simultaneously balancing a corporate job as a consultant at a Big-4 city firm, before finally breaking away and focusing on the craft full time after building up a gradual string of credits including an appearance in Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin alongside Naomi Scott. Faraz is currently working on producing his first short film titled ‘Adrenaline’, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

"We're in Ibiza right?"

- Teresa

"Idiot... You know... He took my virginity and left..."

- Teresa

Maria Luz Tremsal


María Luz Tremsal professional actress, production coordinator and location manager, graduated in 2017 from the University of Arts. She has started her Acting career at an early age and has been working since then in the stage and film industry. María Luz is from Argentina and she’s currently based in London as she´s been developing her career in the English and European film market. The Angel of Hamburg (Sony Pictures), Loss Adjuster, Jack Stall Dead and The Music Island are the last projects she has been working at, and in most of them, in both sides of the camera.

"Come on Marco! Let's go outside!"

- Matteo

"Here we go again!"

- Matteo

Gabriel Scortia


Gabriel Scortia is a Romanian-Italian actor trained at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London. He started his performing career with ballroom dancing in Romania at the age of 8. He then joined an amateur theatre company in Italy in 2009 and studied cinematography at the Romeur Academy before deciding to move to the UK. His most recent credits include Frank in the play Demons by Lars Norén and directed by Althyr Pivatto, John in Saturday a short film written and directed by Vipin Kannekanti, Matteo in the feature film The Music Island written and directed by Cosmin P. Zaharia, Ben in the student silent short movie In Peace written and directed by Florian Kasperski.

"Although motorbikes thefts in London, dropped by sixty percent off the last year, police says the numbers are still too high..."

- Radio News

"A gang of moped riders attempt to steal a motorbike outside someone's house."

- Radio News

Monika Urbanowicz

Jet Ski Girl

Monika is a 22 years old stunt biker from Poland, recently moved to Denmark. After graduading Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński High School in Ełk, where she uses to take an active part in school performances and city events, she starts to attend the  University of Gdansk economy courses, in Sopot. She quits half a year later and goes to Denmark to study Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management at UCL Erhvervsakademi og Professionshøjskole in Vejle.

When she is 13, her father makes her present a minibike. It is love at first sight! She falls in love with the two-wheel vehicle and its adrenaline. At the age of 17,  she starts to learn stunts and tricks on her friends motorbikes and 1 year later she buys her first motorcycle. Besides the adrenaline and excitement, this hobby brings her the role in The Music Island feature film. She perceives that this experience is a “quite difficult” journey, but she realizes that with a lot of work, commitment and many rehearsals under the watchful eye of the “patient and demanding director” she gets good results.

About the music Island she says:

“The amazing rehearsal and filming moments  are unforgettable and priceless! I am very thankful, proud and happy that I can play in this movie and be part of this production made out of magic puzzle pieces!”

"Waka, waka, eeeeh, eeeh!"

- Party Guy

"Hey! Shakira! Shakira! Let's go to Africa!...

- Party Guy

Jacob Marshfield

Party Guy

Jacob Marshfield was born and raised in Rome. From an early age he discovers his passion for
performing arts. He starts his acting training in Italy with Francesca de Sapio. After this first preparation step, Jacob plays various roles in theatre and independent movies and then he decides to move to London completing the PG Acting Course in 2019 at GFCA (Giles Foreman Centre for Acting). In parallel, he studies box, sanjuro and classical ballet.

"Shut Up! Don't make noise! I want to sleep..."

- Party Girl

Eleni Papadogeorgou

Party Girl

Eleni was born and raised in Athens, Greece. From an early age she attends piano lessons, music theory, acting workshops and dance classes. She is a graduate of Greek Art Theatre of Karolos Koun and in 2017 she moves to London. She’s been in Harper Reagan, Damellette and Dream On as the main character and participated in other small independent productions. Her dream role is B in Three Tall Women of Edward Albee. She also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

"Someone's got to put a stop to it! These people play like Gods, destroying lives at will, without paying the consequences for doing so, and the victims?"

- Alexandru

"We are surrounded by corruption. It's everywhere."

- Alexandru

Karin Lindström

Jeep Girl

Karin is in her early twenties. She was born and raised in a tiny town called Porvoo, in Finland. She currently lives in Australia exploring the continent, piece by piece. Since a young age, she’s been a wild child. As years are passing, she starts to explore the world, more and more. At the age of eighteen, she graduates culinary school. Karin starts traveling the world all the way to South America and ends up in Ibiza to work for the summer.  That’s where she meets Cosmin, the creator of the movie. One of her childhood dreams was to play in a movie and a year later it becomes reality. “Forever grateful and honored to be part of this beautiful adventure”, Karin says.
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