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Feature Films

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? Tell us your idea and we'll bring it to life! Our professional talented team is here for you, for two main reasons: to listen and envision. Everything starts with a good script. Writing skills, imagination and talent are essential. After the script is done, the casting becomes our main goal. We have just one target: the chosen artist is the perfect one for the required role without any exception! Once we filled up the roles, preproduction preparations can start: location search, filming authorizations and schedule, booking the appropriate crew and required equipment for the selected dates, looking for the costumes, props and all the required elements in order to create the perfect set design, providing full support during the actors rehearsals, arranging the catering and transport services of all the crew & cast during the filming. In conclusion, we take care of everything that's necessary in order to be prepared to shout the first ``Action!``. From that point until ``It's a wrap!``, the success of your project becomes our mission! We do not consider one film project more important than the other! All are the same, because all need the same attention, commitment, amount of energy and passion invested! We do it this way because we love it!


Short Films

Do you think that a short film needs less thought and attention than a feature film? Wrong! Except its larger size, we think about it and treat it exactly the same. The filming process has a certain algorithm and we do not make exceptions. Our team will deliver the same amount of professionalism, pay the same attention and work with the same commitment in order to deliver the best piece of work. Looking forward to listening to your idea!



Do you have a business? Do you want to give it value, creating a strong brand image about it? Here is where we come in! Present us your brand, describe us your activity, tell us about your clients, customers and business goals and we'll create for you an original commercial tailored specially for your needs. A strong brand image will gain you respect in front of your competitors. An experienced team is ready to listen to you and understand your vision in order to highlight the uniqueness of your brand.


Music Videos

Are you a musician or a music band willing to breakthrough? Are you looking for the appropriate visuals to enhance the message of your music? Then you found the right team to take care of it. Nowadays the promotion of your music is imperative in order to build up your name. A good music video is the perfect advertise for a musician. Neglecting or treating superficially this matter could diminish the value of your music or mislead the audience into understanding your true artistical identity.


Corporate Videos

A big number of areas can directly benefit from corporate videos. They are excellent marketing strategies, easy to share and, according to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. Although they are many times used to promote and raise awareness of a company’s brand as a whole, corporate videos can serve many different purposes: training, instructional and safety videos for employees; company introductions to potential clients or customers; event or activity event summaries; live webcasting; interviews with company leaders; business event summaries; new product or service demonstrations; client and customer testimonial videos; investor presentations.

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